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About Chiranjiv Medical Foundation

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation (CMF) is a registered 80 G certified charitable trust funding specialized medical and surgical treatment for patients from low income communities in India.

CMF was established in 1993 by the late Padmashree Dr. Surinder Kumar Sama, and Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Sama. The trust is now operated by their family in their loving memory.

At present, CMF is focused on three areas of healthcare: Hearing deficiency, Eye diseases, and Cosmetic surgery. Read more…

Our Team

CMF is managed by a small but dedicated team of healthcare professionals that believe in our cause, and take great pride in our work. Together we hope to make a large contribution to the equitable delivery of healthcare in India.

DR. VIVEK SAMA in chiranjivi foundation
Dr. Vivek Sama

Gautam Chabara in Chiranjiv Medical Foundation
Mr. Gautam Chhabra

DR. MOUSAMI ROY in Chiranjiv Medical Foundation
Dr. Mousami Roy

Our Trustees

DR. VIVEK SAMA in chiranjivi foundation
Dr. Vivek Sama

Mr. Ashok Jain (1)
Mr. Ashok Jain

Mr. Anil Madan
Mr. Anil Madan

Our Network Of Doctors

CMF is privileged to be able to work with a network of very distinguished physicians and surgeons that share our goal of bringing the benefit of medical technology to low income patients

At Chiranjiv Medical Foundation, we rely heavily on the willingness of doctors to donate their time and expertise to our cause. All doctors working with CMF are highly qualified, and leaders in their field. They have in common a commitment to provide the best possible care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

We consider access to quality healthcare a basic human right, not a privilege to be enjoyed only by the affluent.

Doctors associated with CMF perform complex surgical procedures for deserving patients, in most cases without charging fee, or at a very nominal cost.

If you’re a surgeon who shares our values and wants to get involved, please contact us…

DR. VIVEK SAMA in chiranjivi foundation
Dr. Vivek Sama

Dr. Ruchika Rajan
DR. Ruchika Rajan

Dr. J.M. Hans in Sama Hospital (OT)
Dr. J.M. Hans.

Dr. Amit Khosla

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

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