Chiranjiv Medical Foundation is a registered 80 G Charitable Trust established in 1993.  Our principal activity is to bring together doctors, hospitals, donors, and patients from low-income groups.  We provide free of cost medical and surgical treatment to patients that do not have the financial ability to pay for such treatments.

The majority of our patients are children that require a life-saving or life-transforming surgical procedure, which is unaffordable for the families.

All patients are required to fill in our grant request form, as well as to provide a state-issued proof of the family’s annual income. In addition, our team meets and interviews all patients individually to ensure the authenticity of their medical and economic condition.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation is registered as 80G and 12A compliant and is approved to received CSR funds. Copies of the above approvals can be access through the links below:

Form 80G

Form 12-A

CSR Approval Certificate

Our CSR donors include a number of Private and Publicly listed companies including ConCor (Container Corporation of India), HCL Corporation, Sterling Tools Limited, and PI Industries Limited.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation provides all donors with a detailed fund utilization report, certified by our auditors, as well as a clinical report containing details of the patients and the treatments performed.

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