About Tiny Hearts Program

At Tiny Hearts, we believe in the incredible power of collective

compassion. Your decision to support our mission is not just a

donation; it’s a heartbeat that echoes hope into the lives of children

battling Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Our Mission


To ensure that no child’s future is limited due to congenital heart disease. We aim to do this by providing them with financial support for  CHD surgeries as well as providing them with necessary education about CHD.

Our Vision


Our vision is to create a world where every underprivileged child with congenital heart disease has access to timely, quality care, and parents are empowered with knowledge to detect and manage the condition.

Why Donate to Tiny Hearts?

1. Transformative Impact:

Your contribution directly funds life-saving treatments, surgeries, and post-operative care for children with CHD. Witness the tangible impact of your support as you help heal tiny hearts and give children the chance to dream, laugh, and thrive.


2. Transparency:

We take pride in maintaining absolute transparency. Your generosity is treated with the utmost responsibility, and regular updates and financial reports are shared to show the real-world outcomes of your donations.


3. Community of Change-Makers:

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Your involvement not only supports a cause but also connects you with a network of individuals committed to creating positive change in the world


How You Can Make a Difference

One-Time Donation

Make a direct impact with a one-time donation. Every contribution, regardless of size, contributes to the well-being of a child with CHD.

Monthly Giving

Join our Heartbeat Champions by setting up a recurring monthly donation. Your consistent support ensures a steady heartbeat of aid for children in need.

Fundraising Campaigns

Start your own fundraising campaign or contribute to ongoing campaigns. Empower your network to join the cause, amplifying the reach and impact of Tiny Hearts.

Doctor exams Asian newborn baby with stethoscope in the hospitalDoctor exams Asian newborn baby with stethoscope in the hospital: SONY A7

Join Us in Healing Tiny Hearts

Your decision to donate to Tiny Hearts speaks volumes about your compassion and belief in the power of change.