Cosmetic Surgery Program

CMF’s plastic surgery program is led by Dr. Ruchika Rajan. Dr. Ruchika is a senior plastic surgeon trained in NEW CROSS HOSPITAL, WOLVERHAMPTON, UK, and the KING GEORGE HOSPITAL, ESSEX, UK. Dr. Ruchika has practiced as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, Delhi and at Sama Hospital, Delhi.

CMF has a relationship with Ritinjali Mahipalpur, a charitable organization providing educational and career support services to the urban poor in Delhi.

Under Dr. Ruchika’s leadership, victims of domestic violence and acid burns are provided free treatment through Chiranjiv Medical Foundation.

Dr. Ruchika Rajan

Dr. Ruchika Rajan


As a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in Aesthetic Surgery, I perform both non-surgical and surgical treatments depending on individual patient assessment and requirement. Each patient is different and it is my goal to provide you with a treatment plan which is suitable for you.Read more…