CMF’s Cochlear Implant Program has been founded under the leadership of Padmashree Dr. J.M. Hans, a leading ENT surgeon and pioneer in the field of Cochlear Implants. Dr. Hans has performed over 3000 cochlear implant surgeries and is a founder member of the Cochlear Implant Group of India. Learn more about Dr. J.M. Hans.

For more information about the problem of childhood deafness in India, Click the link below or download the article.

Dr. J.M. Hans in Sama Hospital (OT)

Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon

Padmashree awardee Prof. (Dr) J. M. Hans, is a topper and medalist from PGI Chandigarh. Dr. Hans has done pioneering work in the field of cochlear implant surgery and has done more than 3000 cochlear implants surgeries in his center, centers around the country and also in SAARC countries. He is the Founder Member of the Cochlear Implant Group of India. Read more…