Ritinjali Mahipalpur is a Delhi based charitable organisation that, over the last nineteen years, has worked with marginalised groups – slum dwellers, jail inmates, poverty stricken individuals, victims of war and natural disasters – through educational and development-related endeavors, nurturing them into empowered and responsible citizens.  Ritinjali has partnered with Chiranjiv Medical Foundation and Sama Hospital to provide medical treatment and surgical interventions for those of their patients that require them. All pre and post-op care is taken care of at Sama Hospital, through Chiranjiv Medical Foundation. CMF plays the pivotal role of arranging for experts to review cases and counsel patients as required.

In addition, Ritinjali conducts health camps in their communities to identify those in need of medical attention. Beneficiaries are identified and referred to Chiranjiv Medical Foundation. The
doctors help assess patients and plan the appropriate course of action. The medical or surgical treatment required, including all tests, medications, pre and post-op care are taken care of by CMF.
Patients referred by Ritinjali include women with acid burns as a result of domestic violence, children with socially disabling conditions such as squint or cleft lip/palate, and many other conditions that require medical attention. Treatments are carried out at Sama Hospital by doctors that donate their time and expertise to this cause.