What we’ve been doing:

  • Donated N-95 masks and Face Shields to frontline doctors and nurses at LNJP
  • Donated 3000 bottles of Hand Sanitizer to frontline doctors and nurses at LNJP, in partnership with Forest Essentials.
  • Donated Personal Protective Equipment worth Rs. 20 lakhs to various hospital workers.
  • Funded treatment of COVID patients through our Crowdsourcing Campaign. Click here to see our video testimonials.
  • We are actively in the process of raising additional funds for our Anti-CoViD initiatives, including setting up a dedicated CoViD Care Centre in South Delhi.

 Our focus areas:

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation is focused on the following critical areas in the battle against the COVID19 epidemic:


With the rapidly expanding COVID19 crisis in Delhi, patients are relying heavily on private hospitals for treatment. The Government of Delhi has standardized and capped the charges for COVID treatment at private hospitals. The daily charges are capped at Rs. 10,000 (Isolation Beds), Rs. 15,000 (ICU without ventilator care), or Rs. 18,000 (ICU with ventilator care).

However, the treatment packages are still unaffordable for a large segment of our city’s population. Many patients face being turned away due to their inability to pay.

In this battle against the COVID19 pandemic, Chiranjiv Medical Foundation (CMF) is seeking funds for the treatment of patients who are unable to pay for their treatment. We are appealing to the people of Delhi to come together to extend their support and save lives.

Our initial goal is to raise funds for the treatment of 25 COVID19 patients’ treatment, at an approximate cost of Rs. 25 Lakhs.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation has tied up with 3 private hospitals in New Delhi:

The Hospitals will identify patients that require admission and treatment for COVID19 but are unable to pay. Hospitals undertake to treat patients at the government-mandated rates. The hospitals will collect the following documents from the patients, including proof of identity and Income:

1. Photo identity and address proof of applicant (Any one from the list below):

a. Pan Card
b. Aadhar Card
c. Voter ID Card

2. Latest Income Proof of all earning family members:

a. If salaried – latest Income Tax Return /  Salary Slip / Income Certificate
b. If pensioner – Pension Passbook with last one year’s entries
c. If employed in the unorganized sector – Self-declared income proof

The hospital will also give the patient Chiranjiv Medical Foundation’s Medical Grant Application Form, to be filled by the patient.

Following satisfactory scrutiny of the above, Chiranjiv Medical Foundation will release funds directly to the hospital.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation will maintain meticulous and detailed accounts of funds received and disbursed, including patient details, clinical outcomes, and hospital bills.


The shortage of PPE has been a recurrent theme in all the news coverage of COVID19 effected areas around the world.

Having COVID19 patients treated by healthcare personnel without full protection is not just risky, but counterproductive to the control of the epidemic. In the absence of adequate protection, each patient is likely to directly infect multiple healthcare workers. The infected healthcare workers will in turn infect other patients and their own contacts as they commute to their homes.

In addition, it has been seen that the severity of the disease among healthcare workers is much higher, due to the higher virus loads, with a higher resulting mortality.

Finally, infection of the healthcare workforce will lead to an increased shortage of caregivers for patients that can be saved.

Finally, infection of the healthcare workforce will lead to an increased shortage of caregivers for patients that can be saved.

Healthcare workers are risking their lives to protect us. We need to protect them.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation is creating a platform to bring together hospitals that need PPE supplies, vendors that are able to provide quality PPE locally and at reasonable prices, and donors that are willing to participate in the war against COVID19.


CMF is currently seeking funds to set up a CoViD19 dedicated care centre in South Delhi, for isolation and treatment of patients with limited ability to pay.

As we enter the post lockdown phase, cases of CoVid19 are likely to increase dramatically. While government guidelines are clear that mild cases can be treated at home under isolation, this may not be an option for many patients, who may not have isolation facilities at home, or may have vulnerable family members at home. Such patients will require a low-priced facility in which they can be treated under isolation for 14 days. Hospitals may be unaffordable or unavailable for this category of patients.

Our effort is to provide a facility where patients with ILI (Influenza Like Illness) can be evaluated, tested and cared for if positive.

Multiple such facilities will be required in the NCR.  Each facility will require trained staff, Personal Protective Equipment for all staff, and basic medical equipment, and ambulances for transportation of patients that develop a serious illness.

CFM is looking for support from individual donors as well as corporations for this effort.  Our initial target is to raise a corpus of Rs. 2 Cr, with further funds to be raised as required.  As with all our past projects, donors will be provided with a meticulous accounting of the manner in which the funds are deployed.


Containment of the COVID19 epidemic in the coming months will require extensive sanitization of public areas, public transport vehicles, offices, shops, even homes. This needs to done in a manner that is fast, eco-friendly, non-irritant, and non-toxic. Chiranjiv  Medical Foundation has identified a widely used disinfective fumigant solution, to sanitize rooms of any size. CMF plans to make this available as a service to affected facilities.